In November 2011 our eldest daughter, Rascal 1, at the tender age of 9 and a half, ended up in hospital with severe pneumonia. After four days in the fantastic East Surrey hospital she was sent by ambulance to the miraculous Royal Brompton Hospital in London to have a chest drain inserted and there she remained for ten days. Even through the toughest days when Rascal 1 was desperately ill, I couldn’t stop feeling that she was one of the lucky ones. Rascal 1 has made a full recovery. For too many children, the bad days just get worse.

It’s a tricky time for most people economically at the moment and we are no different. At the same time, we realize how fortunate we are. We have to make our hideaway in France pay the bills but we also want to help charities that bring some sparkle and hope to the lives of children whose struggle is endless.

Every year we hope to offer an inspiring charity a week at our hideaway in France.

Last year, we offered the fabulous Make A Wish charity a week which they auctioned  at their Valentine’s Ball in February 2013 at The Dorchester Hotel. It raised a considerable amount of money for children who need so much courage.

This year we have given the week to The Royal Brompton & Harefields Hospitals Charity for their Heart and Lung Appeal. They will auction it at their Valentine Dinner hosted by Harry Enfield. We hope it is equally successful in raising money for a remarkable place which helped us so much when Rascal 1 was so desperately poorly.

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