Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and if you have more, please get in touch. 

How far is the nearest airpot?

  • Nimes airport is 30 minutes approx.
  • Montpellier airport is 40 minutes approx.
  • Marseille is 1hr 30 minutes approx.
  • Avignon airport is I hr and 15 minutes approx.
  • Bezier airport is 1hr and 30 minutes approx

Here is a link to information about flights to the south of France for 2019. Look in the Mediterranean section:

Flights to France 2019  

Can you get to your house by train?

Yes, the TGV stations of Montpellier and Nimes are within a 40 minute drive and Avignon TGV is I hour. It is a very pleasant way to travel. From London you can either change in Lille or Paris. Paris is slightly more complicated as you have to cross the City. In the summer there are direct trains to Avignon from London. Many of our friends visit us by train.

Will we need a car?

Yes you will. There is parking at the property.

Do you have a fence around your pool?

No we do not. We do have a security alarm which conforms to the legal requirements, however we believe that the only way to keep your children safe is your vigilance.

Can you walk to the nearest café?

A very realistic ten minute walk will take you up to the village of St. Comes where there is a small cafe with a tiny shop. Clarensac is a 20 minute walk and there are many villages a 5 minute drive away with everything you need.

Is your house suitable for children?

We brought up our children in the house and they loved it. We have a highchair, a cot bed and two travel cots. There is no stair gate. The children adore the space, the pool and the treehouse but must be watched at all times. It is a house which breeds imagination.

Is your house suitable for teenagers?

A pool, lots of secret corners, the beach and two funky cities all within a 40 minute drive – yes, it’s perfect.

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