Towns near by

This is a pretty, artistic medieval town set into the cliff on the river, on the road towards St. Hippolyte du Fort and the Cevennes. There are many little art galleries and cafes but it is not overly touristy. Everything will close in the afternoon for siesta, as in many towns and villages around us. 40 mins drive.

Attractive town on the river on the way to the Cevennes.

Another medieval town on the Vidourle river. Filled with shops, cafés and restos. Do not miss the market. Only 15 mins drive.

A beautiful medieval town. There are more tourists here but it is definitely worth a visit. The pedestrian main square, La Place des Herbes is charming and there are numerous restaurants and cafes for people watching. If you have kids, you may have to visit the Haribo Museum which is just outside Uzes. St. Come is a picturesque 45 mins drive from Uzes.

I know this isn’t a town but it is very close to Uzes so I thought I would put it here. This amazing UNESCO site really is worth a visit. Take a picnic or eat at the resto by the river. Take your time and walk amongst the ancient olive trees. Have a look at the website There are meant to be wonderful concerts and festivals in the summer.

A pretty town at the foothills of the Cevennes famous for it’s pottery. Just outside Anduze is the beautiful Bambouseraie ( which really is worth a visit. From there you can even take an original steam train to St. Jean du Gard. Great fun for big and little kids. Go early in peak season to avoid the crowds. 40 mins drive.

We do not know Arles very well but it is meant to be a very interesting city filled with art and culture thanks to Monsieur Van Gogh and filled with the Camargue culture. 45 mins drive.

Fortified medieval town in the Camargue. Well worth a visit. 40 mins drive.

A beautiful, chic provence town. Wednesday is the main market day so it will be busier but fun. 1 hour drive.

If you feel the need for more sea air and some great sea food, take a trip to Sete, a genuine fishing port with stunning sea views. Fabulous fish restaurants and a pretty canal. One hour and 5 mins drive.

Another medieval village and apparently one of the most beautiful villages in France and a World Heritage UNESCO site. A wonderful place for canoeing too. Leave early to avoid crowds at peak times. One hour and twenty minutes drive.

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