Cities near by


Nimes 2
A twenty five minute drive from us is the stunning Roman city of Nimes with its’ beautiful old town. Do not miss the Jardins de La Fontaine, La Maison Carre, the Arena, getting lost in the little streets in the old town, visiting Les Halles food halls, all the cafes and restos and shops. Best way to get there from St Come, is if you go through St. Come and up over the hill and through the garrigue. When you can go no further, you turn right on the Route de Sauve and go straight on for about 15/20 mins until you reach the centre of Nimes. We often park in the underground car park of the Maison Carre (sign posted). When you exit this car park, take the immediate, little road on your right and then turn left. And then straight on. This will take you directly back on to the route de Sauve and it avoids the one way system in Nimes.


When we first moved to France we lived in the centre of Montpellier, just off the main square La Place de la Comedie. It is a beautiful, energetic town, which instantly seduces. Do not miss the numerous squares filled with shady cafes and restos in the quite large pedestrian old town. Just walk and explore and you will love all the fabulous shops. 40 mins drive by motorway and we normally park in the Triangle underground car park because you avoid the one way system. Head for ‘Centre’ and it should be sign posted. Otherwise, there are lots of other underground car parks.


A beautiful city which is only a 50 minute drive door to door. We went here last year for the first time and loved it. The Palais de Papes is impressive and of course you must sing to the Pont d’Avignon. Do not miss the beautiful gardens next to the Palais de Papes. They are great for kids to have a run around and there are beautiful views.

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