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Christmas 2018

Ten full days at Mas de Mahystre is a real treat for us. Winter brings different colours and experiences in St Come, with plenty of time for cooking, eating, chatting, backgammon, walking and reflecting. Especially at Christmas…

Highlights are always:

  • Nimes Les Halles food market on Christmas Eve, carefully choosing the chapon, oysters, cheese and veg, amidst the festive hustle and bustle.
  • Christmas Eve lunch by Les Arenes in Nimes
  • Walks in the garrigue above St Come with our dog Ringo (please admire his special Christmas coat!)
  • Hours spent by the fire with a glass of vino battling fierce games of backgammon
  • Decorating the tree
  • Catching up with special neighbours, friends and family
  • Taking time to cook up feasts
  • Time for each other
  • Just being at Mas de Mahystre together

Christmas in the South of France


Christmas Tree at A Hideaway in France 2014

Only a couple of weeks before we head off for Christmas in the south of France and excitement is mounting fast. By the time we arrive, Christmas Eve will be almost tangible, so first on the list will be finding a tree and enjoying the sweet scent of a Norwegian forest. Unravelling our treasured Christmas decorations never fails to create some delightful nostalgia and once the fire is lit, the Christmas tunes blaring, the fairy lights sparkling and a glass of something special in hand, the festive scene is set. Catching up with our local friends is always a big treat during the Christmas season. We are also lucky to have my older sister, brother-in-law and their three bonkers, little, blond girls, who live in the Luberon and run Provence Guru,  joining us for the grand day. I do wish though that we could gather up the whole extended family and conjure them over to our secret corner in the south of France.

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